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Welcome to Store XIII, Kari's personal selling space on LJ!

To Order
  • If you are ordering from one specific section only (eg. Kraks) then please post there.
  • If you are ordering from more than one section (eg. Shuppet Chip & Marill Lamincard) then please post in this thread. This is to hopefully prevent the pages from getting overloaded with comments! After you've paid and the items have been taken away from the stock count, the comment will be deleted to avoid confusion.
  • All queries please post here.
  • If you do not have an LJ, please email me at urameshi.yusuke {@} gmail.com. Please note this is NOT my Paypal account!
  • Trades are accepted! Mostly anything Absol, Kolink/Shinx or Mew accepted. Items from other series, such as Digimon, Kingdom Hearts & Sonic the Hedgehog accepted too! Check this thread for Pokémon items I'm after.
  • I will hold items for 3 days ONLY. I'm really sorry, but too many people are backing out of orders after making me hold them for a long period of time.
  • Echeques are fine!

    Please include the following in your post - The exact items, how you will pay, and what country you are in (for the shipping). Also, please let me know if you want me to hold them. I'll hold items for 3 days max, UNLESS you have ordered from me before, then I will accept longer. Thank you!

    Approx. Shipping estimates (combined shipping is welcome)

    Cards & flat objects
    Flat rate for most - $2.20
    Please note - Ordering heavy items such as Chipz & Metal Tags may be extra (Only about $0.50 though)

    UK - $2.00
    Europe - $2.50
    US & Canada - $4.00

    These are estimates. If you plan on buying say, 10 Metal Tags and 5 Chipz, shipping may be higher. Any order containing figures will be sent in a jiffy bag. Excludes Trading Figures. This may change depending on UK postal rates.

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